East Texas Beef Processors provides harvest and processing services for your domestic livestock needs. We provide excellent quality and care with your beef. We customize to cut your beef your way. We dry age all beef 10 days to allow the meat to stretch and excess moisture to dry. This also allows the natural enzymes to activate and further break down the fibers producing a more succulent eating piece of beef. Your product is then vacuum packaged, labeled, and frozen. Because we are USDA inspected you will be able to sell your product wherever you wish. If you have a custom logo in a PDF format, we can also customize your labels. There will be a $125.00 fee charged for the original setup. After the original setup there is no fee for custom labels of the same logo. There is a harvest fee of $135.00 and a processing fee of $1.40 per pound of hot weight. If you would like any tenderizing there is an additional charge of .90 per pound and $1.00 per pound additional charge for hamburger patties. Grading services are available for a fee, services are provided through the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA.

We ask that all customers refrain from feeding cattle 24 hours before drop off

  • Minimum charge of $975 for slaughter and process fee.
  • Slaughter only - $0.59 per pound hot weight ($175 minimum).
    • Slaughter only is for next day pickup - Any additional days after next day pickup will be an additional charge for dry aging of $36.00 per day per carcass.
  • Emergency slaughter - $0.79 per pound hot weight.

Save head - $35
Save hide - $35

There will be an additional charge for dry aging after the initial 10 days of $10.00 per day per carcass.

Remember to check your voicemail & emails for notice your animal is ready for pickup! Customers have 7 days to pick up meat after notification. After that, a $2.50 per box per day charge will apply.

All ground meat is standard 2lb packages. Add $.25 per pound of burger for 1lb packages.

All cattle 30 months and over must be all boneless and no bones kept, per USDA regulations.

Prices are subject to change without notice.