With the ETX Reserve program, our cattle are selected according to the best traits for eating as well as yield. They are then put on our custom finishing feed for up to 150 days. When they are ready, they will be approximately 1350 pounds. This will make each side roughly 400 pounds of hanging weight. After processing there will be about 260 pounds of meat per side. This will vary a little depending upon what cuts you choose. As for your beef, you can either come to the farm to pick out your steer or let us pick it for you. You can buy half or whole. When the steer is ready, we will schedule and transport to our facility where it will dry age 14 to 21 days. Then it will be processed and wrapped according to your specifications. A basic breakdown for a side of beef is listed below. There will be some choices as to whether you wish to receive all the cuts or have them ground into burger. All weights listed are approximate. There are some choices that will affect other cuts. For example, if you wish to have all tenderloin steaks and boneless New York Strip steaks then you will not get any Porterhouse or T-Bone steaks. They come from the same primal. Also, if you do not want all the roasts but prefer them to be ground up then you will have more burger. If you would like to have more cube steaks, we can do that for an additional .90 cents per pound of tenderizing. If you would like to have patties made from part or all your ground beef, there is an additional charge of $1.00 per pound of patties made.

The price per pound is $5.19 for half and $5.09 per pound for whole. This price is figured on the hot hanging weight. A whole would be approximately 810 pounds and half would be approximately 405 pounds. A deposit of $200 on a half and $400 on the whole is required at time of order.

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