In our butcher shop, we offer expertly cut and trimmed meats and you can choose from any available cut. We are committed to providing unbeatable customer service by providing you custom cuts and helping you with your choices. You are sure to enjoy the quality and cuts of our meats and the friendly customer service that comes along with it. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. All prices listed are per pound.

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For the finest in retail cuts call or email to place your order.
All prices are per pound.

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Hamburger Meats

  • Ground Beef- $4.99
  • Ground Beef Patties (4oz/6oz/8oz) - $5.49
  • Ground Chuck - $5.99
  • Ground Chuck Patties - $6.49
  • Ground Round - $6.99
  • Ground Round Patties - $7.49
  • Ground Sirloin - $8.99
  • Chili Grind - $5.19
  • Reserve Burger - $5.49
  • Ancestral Ground - $4.99

Cuts From The Round

Cuts From The Loin

Cuts From The Rib

Cuts From The Chuck